Erik Stolhanske talks about SUPER TROOPERS, (1, 2, and..3?) BROKEN LIZARD, writing jokes, and MORE!

Erik Stolhanske is a comedian, actor, writer, and member of the Broken Lizard comedy group. Many will know him from his role as “Rabbit”, the syrup chugging “rookie” from the incredibly funny, (and personal favorite) “SUPER TROOPERS” movies! In this fun interview, Erik talks about everything from his favorite music, what the guys in Broken Lizard WOULD and would NOT do for a joke to make a script, filming on an empty resort in Mexico for the comedy/horror “Club Dread” (another personal favorite), writing, releasing, and selling out of their first vinyl LP filled with sand, (yep…a vinyl with sand inside), working with the late, great Bill Paxton, Coconut Pete, what Cloris Leachman refused to do for a scene in “BEERFEST” and the reason why, Brian Cox, Rob Lowe, and literally so much more!

We even get a hint about SUPER TROOPERS 3!! I can’t say enough good things about Erik and him taking the time to chat! I hope you enjoy and please remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and SHARE!!

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